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EOS M50 - Change ISO using dial?


Hello Canon community. 


I want to be able to change the functino of the front dial from changing the shutter speed to instead change the ISO. This is currently possible by first pressing the M-Fn key, but does anybody know if it's possible to skip pressing the M-Fn key and instead change the default function of the dial to change the ISO?


Canon EOS M50


Thanks in advance! 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi frebys,

Thanks for checking in with us.


The camera does allow you to customize some of the controls. To get to this option go to MENU - CUSTOM FUNCTIONS - CUSTOM CONTROLS. You can select the buttons of interest and see the available settings that a button can control.

Hello Nick! 


I've found that menu you're talking about, but it appears that you can only remap what the different buttons do? It appears that the dial is hard coded to affect shutter speed by default...? What gives me hope is that the shutter speed icon on the display seems to have an orange "dial" icon next to it, hinting that the dial's function can be remapped to other things. 


To clarify, I know that pressing the M-Fn button prior to rotating the dial lets you control ISO with the dial; I want to be able to  control ISO with the dial without having to press any buttons first.

To me, if one is more inclined as a photographer rather than a videographer, the EOS M5 is better suited.   The M5 came out as the flagship stills photography camera in the M line-up, whereas the M50 I & II are tweaked towards video.




As you can see from the image above, the layout of buttons and their customizability are more comprehensive in the M5 on the left, while the M50 on the right, has been stripped down: the M50 has got other features more suited to video, such as a faster processor, fully-articulating screen etc. The M50 has the video recording button more centrally located (it's on the back of the camera on the M5).  The place occupied by the recording button on the M50 is used by a function button on the M5, again allowing more customization.


For your specific purpose of changing the ISO, the wheel to the left of the EV dial (which the M50 doesn't have either) gives direct access to the ISO value.


The M5's are excellent cameras, but when the M50 series came out they were overshadowed and I suspect people thought that made the M5 inferior - it's not: it's designed for a different purpose.

cheers Trevor

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