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EOS Canon 60D | Display Image Flips When I Flip The Screen


My Canon 60D display screen is getting bad signals. When I physically flip the screen, the orientation changes multiple times. I've contacted Canon support, and they said:


"Normally we would recommend sending your camera in to the factory service center for repair, but unfortunately the EOS 60D is out of service life. Due to that there are no repair options for it. The only option through Canon would be the Canon Upgrade Program."


While an upgrade sounds awesome, I do believe there is a solution out there considering this camera is less than 10 years old. Are there other companies that you trust for repairs?


Thank you!



I can never remember the names of places that might still do repairs on out of service cameras.  The average cost of a used 60D is going for abound $300 USD.  By the time you factor in shipping and insurance, and the cost of repair, the Cano Upgrade Program just might be the more viable option.

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