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EOS C100 and 5D Mark III - How to use together, match settings, etc.


I shoot with both of these cameras and wondering if anyone has a reference for matching the picture settings. For example, on the C100, there is a custom preset setting 'EOS Standard' that I assume corresponds to the 'Standard' picture style on the 5D Mk III. But, what if I want to shoot cinema locked, HDR or some other way?


Thank you for that, I remember loving cinestyle on my Mii. I just installed it to my miii. QUick question, how do you install cinestyle on the C100? I checked on their site and they don't mention it.


Thanks in advance.

Technicolor Cine style is a custom picture preset for the DSLR designed to (hopefully) match the 5D with the 'Canon log' already preset into the C100. However, so far I found that I am getting better results with 'high Dynamic range' on the C100 with the 'Neutral' setting on the 5D. I don't know if it's the best I can do. I was hoping one of the 'experts' out there might know better. The other question is how to treat the footage in post. Does a standard color corrector, like Premiere's Fast Color Corrector do the job, or does it require grading in Resolve or Speedgrade?

percoplus - did you find a good solution for matching the 2 cameras? I'm in the same boat. Thanks!

That C100 is an awsome camera! Never loved a camera so much. I have two of them now, so I haven't really been using the 5D all that much. Before that, I kind of settled on matching the Neutral on the 5d with the High Dynamic Range on the C100. Manual white balances K set to the same values or presets. It works consistently well and good to know in case i have a 3-cam shoot.


I suppose that now would be a good time to experiment with Magic Lantern, but I have not had the chance. The 5D is great for time lapses

Thanks PLee, Plainly put, you ROCK! I have been dealing with the mismatch for months now, wasting unnecessary time in post for something that can be done in camera. This helped a lot. Settings are just about spot on.

Really late to the conversation, but I was having the same problem too. Make sure the selector for live view is set to camera, not video. It will only let you upload profile settings when it's in camera mode, not video mode.
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