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EOS A2e Frame Counter


I have an EOS A2e and I changed the battery in it after having shot approximately 6 photos. When I loaded the new battery in, the LCD screen returned like normal, except the frame counter didn’t show “6” like it did before. There is currently no number displayed in the frame counter window. I shot approcimately 10 more photos today, and still there is no value in the window. Wondering if this is because the cameras memory resets after a new battery is loaded? Will it recognize the end of the roll and auto rewind if there is no frame counter going? Hoping it is actually shooting the loaded roll, and moving the frames. Do I just need to load a new roll?




Wow.  31 yr old camera.  

Not sure if the A2e had an internal cell in addition to its 6 V 2CR5 lithium battery.  This would explain why the camera doesn't know how many shots its taken. 

Film rewind will occur when the last 1-2 frames are shot as long as there is sufficient battery power.  You may need to press the re-wind button if the film light is lit.  Anything is possible with a camera this old.  I remember them doing all kinds of goofy stuff when the battery was replaced.  Rewinding the film before all frames were shot, jamming, or people shooting an entire day only to find that the film didn't load correctly and advance.  I would not rely on this camera for anything besides snap shots.  Film and processing isn't inexpensive either. 


EOS_A2E_manual.pdf (

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Really appreciate the reply. I will certainly be paying close attention. I may end up just loading a new roll soon. Under normal operating conditions, the camera automatically rewinds the film after the last exposure, and I wasn’t sure if that response came from a physical reaction to not being able to unroll the film any further, or if it was a digital setting once the digital frame counter reached 36?