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EOS 750D Doesn't Work All the Time



I have a Canon 750d, had it for 4 years now and it's become very temperamental, the Live view button isn't working and I can not take pictures. The sensor seems to be temperamental and the mirror doesn't release? Half the time this works and other half it doesn't, but it's always when I have my camera set up on a tripod etc about to shoot! I know it still works but it doesn't work ALL the time? Anyone got any ideas?



The 750d/T6i is about 8 yrs old.  I believe it can still be serviced by Canon.  Best way to check.  Register the product on My Canon.  Then you will see your support options.

The next thing to do is to perform a camera settings reset in order to be sure an unintentional setting isn't causing unexpected behavior.

If repair is needed.  You can check and see if Canon still services the body. 

If they don't, check with midwestcamera dot com. They are an authorized Canon repair facility and service older gear.  

Please use the following as a guideline. >>  KEH has used T6i body's starting at $270.  

If you'd like us to help you choose a new body, we can do that as well.  New mirrorless bodys are available.  The R100 is available for pre-order and will be offered starting at $479.  Something else for you to consider.  

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I would really be surprised it the T6i is still in service life but it don't hurt to ask. If the full reset doesn't work and I doubt it will work, I think a new camera is in order. The type repair this may need will almost certainly exceed the used value of a T6i.

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