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EOS 6D Mark II turns off right after it is turned on


I have a EOS 6d mark ii 

As soon as I turn it on it turns it's self off, I tried it with two different Canon batteries and memory cards and lenses, still same issue.  It was working correctly before the issue started.




Memory card and lenses have nothing to do with the camera turning on and off.

Your camera has an internal problem that has to be checked by Canon Service.


I would have to agree with normadel.  Your camera may need to be professional repaired.  Lenses should not affect the camera, not unless they are defective in some way.

But first, there are a few tests you could try one your own.  Fully charge your camera battery.  Remove any accessories, such as batter grips, Speedlites, cabling, lenses, and memory cards.  Remove everything form the camera, except for a body cap.

Allow a couple of hours for your battery to charge.  It may take longer.  Once fully charge, insert the battery and make sure the door is fully closed.  Try to turn on the camera.  If the camera is still shutting down with nothing connected to it, except for the internal battery, then the camera is need of repairs.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I have already tried what Waddizzle suggested but still turns off a few seconds after it is turned on. I had this issuse once before but it corrected its self, but tyhis time.  The camera is fairly new but out of warranty,  I have only used it a few times.