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EOS 6D Mark II - Windows 10 RAW preview




First time here; just picked up the EOS 6D Mark II, and thought I might need some expert tutelage.  Smiley Wink


I understand with a new camera model the RAW file format changes. I use Windows 10, which will preview RAW files, but does not display the 6D Mark II files.


Presumably Windows will require an update with some sort of CODEC to display the new RAW files. I'm wondering if anyone can say how and when this might happen. Is it something Canon has to provide, or is it a Microsoft thing?


I used to shoot RAW+Jpeg simply to have a way to identify pics in Explorer. I was glad to upgrade to Win 10 and be able to shoot straight RAW.





Can you share the list of cameras they will support?

I don't have any inside info other than what I can find through searching.


It appears MS will use the open source LibRaw code. Assuming they use the most recent release (v 0.19), the cameras supported can be seen here:


Topaz Labs has a image processing program (Topaz Sudio) that uses LibRaw v.017, which doesn't support the 6D Mark II. LibRaw v 0.19 does.


What would be cool is if there was a way to update the LibRaw version this codec incorporates so folks can update it if they desire.