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EOS 6D Mark II Intermittent Connection between Lens and Camera


Hi all 

Looking for a recommendation or any advice with to solve an  issue in my new EOS 6D Mark 2 .  I bought it  on June 13-2022 in Amazon USA, The camera is showing issues with the connection between the lenses with the camera ( Intermittent connection ) after some picture shots  the Autofocus does not work , I remove the lenses , clean the terminals , install it  and start working but again after some shots the issue is back .. This situation never happen with my Old 6D. The register my Camera the web page does not recognize the serial # of my camera & Amazon is not taking responsibility of this .. Somebody can tell me steps to follow to  reach canon support  ? Its amaizing how difficult is this ....






We're sad to hear that you're experiencing difficulties finding support for your EOS 6D Mark II. Our friendly tech support group will be happy to take a look into why this is occurring. Camera support is at 800-652-2666 Monday through Friday from 8am to 9pm (ET) and Saturday from 8am to 8pm (ET). It's easiest to get through if you register at before calling if possible.



We hope this helps!


Trying several times to call but this phone # is not working and the web page most of the times is under maintenance. Not able to register my camera EOS 6D Mark 2 ,  the serial #  is [REMOVED PERSONAL INFORMATION] but the system shows that the serial # is not Valid ..I am freeze , Not Know what to do ..


Hello. Your serial number is on the bottom of your camera. If your product was made for use outside of the United States, it may not be allowed to be registered in our system. This is called Gray Market. If you try registering using the number from the bottom of your camera and have issues, we recommend reaching out to our customer support agents for help. They're at 800-385-2155.


"Our friendly tech support group will be happy to take a look into why this is occurring."


One word of caution here. Amazon itself is a Canon USA authorized dealer. If it was from Amazon itself and not one of Amazon's marketplace retailers you are golden. The problem is some of the marketplace retailers are not Canon USA dealers. If it was from a non-Canon USA retailer I would return it if possible. Today!

Usually you can spot these because some offer huge packages of pure junk along with the camera. And, a somewhat lower price is a dead give away, too. Usually it is difficult to tell unless you read all the 'fine' print. Most but not all of these sources have an "in-house" warranty shop. Not a Canon service center for sure.

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