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EOS 6D MII Wifi stops working after a short time, needs to be reset.


Hello Everyone,


I am having an issue with the EOS 6D M2 I recently purchased and wondered if others have had and resolved the problem.


Transferring pictures to a phone, tablet, and the computer works for a short time, then the camera becomes undiscoverable by these devices.


Following the directions given, I downloaded the EOS Connect software to all these devices, enabled Wifi on the camera, gave it a name, and went through the process to get it connected. It connects just fine and I am able to download pictures from the camera to each of these devices, but after a short time, maybe ten minutes The camera's SSID no longer shows up in the wifi settings of each of these devices. In order to get things to work again, I have to go back into the camera set all the wifi settings, and go through the process again, after which I can connect again for a short time, and then the whole thing happens again.


I have looked around the internet for answers and checked the firmware updates to see if they mention a fix for this, but I don't see anything. At this point, I am out of ideas and looking for some help. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.




Hadn't used my camera for a few months, but recently visited Montana.  I upgraded my FW from 1.04 to 1.05...  I was never worried about the vulnerability that existed in 1.04, but decided to upgrade while prepping my gear for the trip.  


I have A Pixel4 running Android 10 (at the time) running 11 now.


I used the Canon Connect App to transfer all of my photos to my Phone.  I only took about 55 pictures.  I used bluetooth.  Worked fine. 


Your camera will turn off to save power if it isn't being used or senses input.  When you wake it back up, I'm pretty sure you have to reconnect it to the App.  I don't recal if its persistent.  My phone still shows the device in history , but its idle.


I can mess around with it later today.  I'll see what my power saving setting are and test how long before it's Wi-Fi disconnects from the mobile device. 


Someone else may resoind more quickly.  I have a yard project going on at the moment and am kind of dirty to be holding my camera..  Sorry  

Bay Area - CA

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