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EOS 5D mark 3 exposure metering problem


Today, I got a problem with my 5D mark 3. I was using my 5D mark 3 and speedlite on Camera. After finished shooting, I took off the flash from the camera and shot it in Program mode (P) without flash, and auto ISO setting. I found out that my camera's exposure meter is getting wrong. The result image is too much underexposed even the metre show the exposure value 0. I changed the setting to Aperture Priority mode (Av), I still have the same problem. Then I tried the Shutter Priority mode (Tv), I still have the same problem, so I tried to shoot with Manual mode and I found out that I need to shot in five stop over to see the image. In other settings, Shutter speed is getting to high (or) the aperture is too narrow for the low light condition even when the ISO is 100.

Then I tried to shoot it while LCD is on. The exposure meter reading is correct and get the right exposure. No problem at all. But when I shoot while LCD is off, I got the problem again. Too much under exposed. I tried to shoot with flash. The result is OK. 

I think my camera is still thinking that it's attached with the flash, but I don't know how to solve the problem. I tried to reset all the setting but I still got the problem. I couldn't find any post for that problem on internet (may be I don't know how to find). 

Can anyone help me how to solve that problem ? 

Thanks & Regards



go to menu 


ajust it to middle

Hi Zeal, May I ask how did your canon service go? and how much does it cost?

Hey there man! Were you able to solve this thing? I'm having the same problem! Please Help!!!