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I own EOS 5d MK II and currently consider MK IV. I was pretty excited by the 50+ MPixels when R/S was launched, but soon my exciitement subsided by reports that R/S is quite vulnerable as regards image sharpness, on account of its large pixel count. To an extent this is understandable but does it mean that you almost never can handhold the camera? The fact that R/S prices keep dropping (at least in Europe) to a level below those of MK IV made me even more suspicious. Any comments?


"I tend to believe that the IV would be sufficient for me."


You sound like you are settleing for a lesser camera?  The 5D Mk IV is the best, top of the mark, camera for 90% of the time.


"The comment on large prints or aggressive cropping is a valid point."


This is the only point where the 5DS and DS R excell.


If you just look at the specs, you will see that the only one that beats the Mk IV is the resolution.  BTW, 30 MP is not too shabby anyways. However, if you do decide you need the greater resolutionI I would go 5DS R. The 5DS R is the obvious choice, since its low pass filter cancellation effect guarantees the maximum resolution.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

You certainly have a point and the previous contributor too. However, only two of my lenses are "L" and I am not out for too large prints or very aggressive cropping. If I were a professional photographer I would have different considerations. Besides my monitor is a mere panoramic 26" LG and, for practical reasons, I cannot have a superior type of screen. Thank you so much for your feedback. All contributors seem to have good points that i will consider. I have to do some more thinking.
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