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Dust on focus screen HELP


So i recently just sent my Canon rebel t3i in for cleaning, and it came back great. I have already noticed dust in the camera and tried to use my blower, i got most of the dust out except for one little strand. its on the buttom of the focus screen, and i can see it when i take the lens off, but i cant reach it with the blower to get it??? Have you found any way to reahdust in a weird position like this?


Also, after cleaning the dust off for the first time with the blower, the focusing dots in the viewfinder, are kinda blurred, only the center of the dot is sharp, but the rest of the dot is blurred. It still focuses well, but i would like to know what caused the dots to blur? 



"... but i would like to know what caused the dots to blur?"


You changed the diopter adjustment.

No help on the stubborn dust, besides the blower, but be careful what you stick in the mirror box.  You can easily make it much worse.

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Which camera do you have?  


First... a note of caution.


it's actually relatively easy to clean the "sensor" (which is really a filter in front of the sensor)... the mirror and focusing screen are trickier and, in general, SHOULD NOT BE TOUCHED.


For some models, the focusing screen is removable... but not all models.  But even if you own a model with a removeable screen, the instructions on handling these make it quite clear that you should not touch them with your fingers (they use a special tool ... sort of like tweezers... to remove and replace it.  If you get fingerprints on it, you'll probably do more harm to it trying to clean it.


When you use an air blower... is this a hand-squeeze blower or a can of compressed air?  Compressed air cans come with their own set of problems and I generally avoid using them on cameras.



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da