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Displays the last picture taken in my application


I wrote a piece of software that takes a picture using my Canon EOS Rebel T6. It works as well as it can.


Step 1: user clicks on the "capture" button


Step 2: the software talks to the camera and takes the user's piucture.


Step 3: the user gets a printed copy of his or her picture and walks away happy


Now, another user steps up to the camera and chooses to get his or her picture taken


**BUG** it displays the last picture taken for a split second BEFORE it is switched over to live view so the new guest gets his or her picture taken. 


I have taken all the necessary steps to ensure that I clean out all of my data after the last picture is printed to ensure a smooth runtime. 


I am considering that this might be an issue with the camera itself. Hence why I am here. Has anyone encountered an issue like mine?


I guess I'd suspect the monitor driver of not changing its display soon enough. Try interposing a dummy picture at the time the first customer leaves. If the dummy picture shows itself briefly to the next customer, it won't matter.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
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