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Display only shows view after capture. No view of image to be captured. Help please : )


Display only shows view after capture. No view of image to be captured. Help please : ) 

The display doesn't show me the image I would like to capture. It only shows the captured image After I have taken the photo. So, it makes it difficult to frame the photo I intend to take.  Please help!  





What model camera are you using?  Do you have a copy of the manual?  Using "Live View" mode is typically how it is done.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Sorry about that.  Its a Canon EOS Rebel XSi

If it is lke the XS, is it is not easy. You have to set the menu option to enable live-view and then press the "set" button when you want it.

I figured out how to make sure the Live View is enabled. Live View is enabled after I set it.  However, it still doesnt show the view. 

You have to press the set button once it is enabled. Read the manual.

Yes, I've pushed the Set button and it is listed as Enable (live view). It still doesnt work. I've cleared all settings to default and then I went into enable the Live View. It still doesnt work. I've tried setting it back and forth between disable and enable. This doesnt work either. 

What mode are you in? It does not work in "basic zone" Only creative zone. It really helps to read the manual.

Thanks!  I figured it out.  You set it to Creative mode then enable, set, menu, set again (with no indication of something to be set).  


Thanks again.  

I dont have a card in it. I have it set to shoot without card. It does shoot and shows the image last taken.  I also, at your suggestion set it to display Live View.  That didnt help.  Also, that option to turn on Live View has now disapeared. I'm trying to double check that it's set for Live View. However, that preference option is now not showing.  

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