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Corrupted frames on 8k raw with R5


I purchaced new R5 on summer. Ive had same problem since. I get corrupted frames when shooting 8raw. I returned the camera for repair but they said there is nothing wrong. They said that angelbird cards are not supported and it is the cause!! Is that true? I have two 512gb cards and same occurs with both cards. I red that everyone is shooting with the same cards without problems🤷🏻‍♂️ Any ideas???



Greetings ,

I'm using Angelbird CF Express B cards in my R5 C.  I haven't had any issues with them thus far.  Did you purchase your cards from a reputable source?  B&H Adorama,  Best Buy etc.  

Where did you buy your camera?  Was it purchased new or used?  Who are "they"? (The party who told you the camera is fine?  What did they check exactly? 

Further diagnosis and troubleshooting. Have you tried another brand card?  

Please provide as much detail as possible.  Your shooting conditions, the lens or lenses you are using when the problem occurs, and the steps to reproduce the behavior.  Are you using Canon glass, RF or EF lenses, is an adapter being used? 

Do you see the problem when playing video back on the camera or on your computer? If it's on your computer what software are you using.  You may want to provide us your system specs as well.

This will help us better understand your problem.  


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Hey! Cards were bought from licenced reseller as were the camera. All bought new. ”They” is our local licenced Canon repair. I havent tried with other brand of cards but the repair shop said that they did and wasnt able to replicate the issue. They continue to do some more testing though cause I said that the issue usually occurs on a bit longer clips. Like 30sek and above.

I was using canon Ef lenses with adapter. When you playback in the camera, playback stops at corrupted frame. If you scroll past it playback continues normally until next corrupted frame. In computer you can see the frame has about half of it corrupted being just a mess of pink and green pixels. I think it was always the lower part of the frame. Upper was normal. And you can see the issue with every software used. Vlc, Premiere pro, Davinci. 

Theyre contacting me tomorrow and propably send it back to me if they cant replicate the issue. Is it possible that I just have two bad cards???


I also use Angelbird cards, though with an EOS C70.  Canon had listed that brand at the time for supported cards with the EOS C70.  Unless things have changed, I cannot imagine why they would not be suitable for the EOS R5 or R5C.

Also, which specific cards are you using to capture the 8K footage? CFexpress? Or are you attempting to save to SDXC? The latter will have issues depending upon what specific codec you're using.  Especially if you're attempting to only use a V60 rated card.

Also, what specific 8K codec are you using?   That will indicate the required bitrate.  See the tables starting on page 925 in the User Manual.


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My cards are the new Angelbird cf-express SE 512gb. I was using the normal 8k raw, not the lite.

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