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Cheapest camera to use EOS Utility With?


Hello canon I've been doing some research on a photo booth camera and I'm coming up blank.

I want to know what the most inexpensive camera I can use with the EOS Utility software is. I'm working on setting up a photo booth, and I'd like to use a DSLR or similar camera instead of using a cheap webcam.

I have a really old 10D I dug out of my old electronics bin... but after some research I'm not surprised to find its just too old to work with EOS Utility.

Can anybody suggest the cheapest camera (DSLR or not) that would work with the EOS Utility? I see that some of the old EOS Rebels are going for ~350 on Amazon... even that is a little too much for me right now. Wouldn't mind going used either.

Thanks for the advice!



Find a camera you want. Go to the Canon support page for that camera and see if they have a download for EOS Utility.

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The full list of supported cameras is here:


EOS Utility Camera Compatibility 


As far as the cheapest, you'll probably have to go used and pick up say an older Rebel model.


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I'm with John on this one.  Choose the camera and check for support.  If $350 is a struggle, a photo booth might not be is his future.  T6 is $300 for refurb at the moment. 


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That list of supported cameras isn't 100% accurate and hasn't been updated for a bit.  SL3 not present (example).  Its missing from the list of supported cameras for some of Canon's newer flashes as well.  


Certainly a helpful guide though. Smiley Happy

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I understand, you are talking about EOS webcam utilty? But however: Rebel SL1 / EOS 100D is an extraordinary camera, lightweight, small, makes very good photos RAW and JPEG and videos in HD, and you can make it work on Linux (let me know, if you need a howto) and on Windows (EOS webcam utility) as a webcam, and you get it for less than a Logitech Webcam. With luck you can catch one with a 18-55mm STM (!) prism used but good as new for $170 bucks (€150,00). Like I did today. Or if you don't need a lense, the body only with chance for $120,00 (€100,00).

Rebel SL1 ist not listed in EOS webcam utility, but it works fine when you download for SL2 - they are anyway nearly identical cameras.

Just make sure, that EOS utility is not working, when using EOS WEBCAM utility. Go to taskline, search for EOS utility and "end task". If not, you will only see the Canon logo.

Hope that helped. I was searching myself for a solution and very good and bargain without compromising quality.

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Cheers Peer