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Canon WE1 wifi and iPad and Canon 7d Mark II


I updated my firmware and inserted We1 and did the "EasyConnect" steps after installing :Canon Camera Connect" on my iPad.


I am able to wifi connect to my 7D from the iPad. This does allow me to use the iPad to control taking pictures with the 7D. The images taken, in that remote-from-iPad fashion, are displayed on the iPad.


However, that is not what I want to acomplish. Instead, I want to be able to do the following:


  • wifi connect 7D to iPad
  • continue to take the actual images from the 7D with the 7D shutter and eyepiece (i.e. not remote control operation)
  • have the images saved to the CF card in the 7D
  • have the images displayed, in real time, on the iPad

I use the 7D in clinic setting for taking intraoral photos (mouth and throat) of mucosal lesions that I then need to show to the patient to provide clinical explanations. Currently, I wind up sitting cheek-to-cheek with the patient looking at the small display on the back of the 7D. Hence, I want to instead have a  wifi "realtime" display of these same images on my iPad using the Canon Camera Connect.


I have not been able to configure/use the above functionality that I had assumed the installed Canon We1 wifi SD card would provide.


What am I missing?






Contact Canon Support.  You might need the external Wi-Fi adapter.

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