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Canon T4i Motor Sound


Recently I noticed a Slight Motor sound hearing while starting the Camera, It never stops and had this issue on going for couple of days. any help would be appreciated. 






A T4i will run a sensor self-cleaning cycle for a few seconds when you first turn it on, which makes a little noise.


However it should only happen for a short time, shouldn't be a continuous noise. If it is continuous, you should get in touch with Canon Service Dept. (the forum is mostly just Canon enthusiasts and users... not Canon service repair techs).


Alan Myers

San Jose, Calif., USA
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As Alan points out... there's a filter in front of the sensor (there are actually two, but it's the front filter that does this).  It has a piezoelectric effect to "vibrate" the filter with the intention of shaking off any dust that might be clinging to it.


That sound will likely sound like some squeaks... a pause... and a couple more squeaks.  But then it should stop and should not happen again unless you do something to activate the self-cleaning cycle.


There is no "motor" inside the camera that would be continuously running.  The only other internal moving parts are the mirror and shutter -- and of course those are only active in the brief moment when you take a photo.  However, some image stabilizaing lenses have a motor running when the IS system is active.  Particularly in larger/longer lenses.



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

ah.. thank y ou Alan and Campbell for your valuable inputs, yes i have attached SIGMA 18-250 IS STM lens, which i recently bought this, and after a trip to vegas and LA .. i am able to hear this continuous noise / sound from the Camera, i noticed that sound stays on for more than couple of minutes. which it never happened before. . 


Thanks alan for poiting out to canon repair center which i did it online, i will check it today and see if sound is able to stop, if not i will send it to the warranty dept in canon.


Thanks for your help..


Hi Chava,


There is no "motor" per se inside the T4i, but there WOULD be a motor in the Sigma 18-250 IS STM lens and this may be the noise that you are hearing.  Listen carefully with your ear to the lens barrel and you may notice it's much louder in the lens than anywhere else.


I don't have that lens, but if I use, for example, my EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM, I *can* hear the IS motor running as long as I am half-pressing the shutter (that's what activates the IS -- it doesn't technically run "continuously" or the batteries would drain too fast).  This is normal and not a defect.


If this sound is indeed coming from your lens (and I suspect it is because there is no rotating motor inside the camera body), then it's not your camera body and sending it to Canon would just be a waste of shipping expenses and time.


Also... turn the IS feature OFF and see if the noise goes away and/or attach a different lens to the body.  


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da