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Canon SL3 with mounted TT685c


Hi, just bought this entry level Godox TT685c and have mounted it to my SL3 on the hot shoe (yes I know about the center pin). I bought it to use as a bounce light for portraits and have a bit of a problem finding the right settings for both units. 


I am able to have the flash fire in all of the program modes while the TT685 is in ETTL, not while it is in manual. I'm looking for suggestions on settings for both the camera and flash inclluding any links to known videos, sources, blogs. What suggestions do you have?



Unless all your locations you shoot in are exactly the same it will be difficult to give you any meaningful exposure settings. The best advice is to buy a Canon flash and let it help you do its thing. They are pretty smart and they do a nice job for a flash.


In my personal experience I don't like, so I don't use, flash outside of the studio. Just doesn't ever seem to work well. Of course there are a few exceptions as always.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

Thanks for the info. The TT685c is Canon compatible. I tried several settings including going to the menu on the camera to insure the flash was set to fire. The camera was in M mode. All the camera settings (1/180, F4.0, ISO800) would have allowed a good image.The TT685 was in ETTL and default settings. The flash went off but the image was dark. 


So that is basically where I have been in playing with any of the settings. In all of the camera's program modes attempting to use the flash, the images are all dark as though the flash does not go off. It's as though the sync between the camera and flash is off. I was hoping there would be someone on this board that has a similar camera/flash setup and is successfully taking pictures. What ever settings were offered would be a good starting point regardless of the setting or purpose.