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Canon Rebel 6ti won't focus


I have a Canon Rebel 6ti and all of a sudden my camera will not focus on the bottom of my photo, I am trying to take. My Flicker keeps coming up no matter if I disable it or enable it.  I have new had these happen to me. I have even reset the camera but no difference.  My set up is the same nothing difference in how I take my jewelry pictures.  I take them in Manuel mode like I always have. Any suggestions? 



Hi Devpat!


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So that we can provide you with the best answer, we'll need a little more information.


Which lens are you using when you're taking photos of your jewelry? How close are you to the subject? By "flicker," do you mean the flash? If so, are you shooting in "M" on the top dial, or are you shooting in an alternate mode on the top Mode Dial, such as "A+," or "CA?" If you're shooting something smaller like jewelery, and you're fairly close, you'll want to ensure you have plenty of available light - what is your lighting situation like? 


We look forward to hearing from you soon!

My Len is The EFS 18-55. I take my pictures in Manuel mode. I have taken 1000 of pictures with the camera the same way.  I have had my camera for about 4 months. I use the Live View and touch were I want my pictures to focus on.  Every time I touch my camera will not focus on the bottom of the jewelry and when I look though the viewer it shows the flickers !.  I use a white photo box with the same lights. It is the same set up I always use, nothing different.  

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