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Canon M50 Adapter


Hello I need so help finding adapter that will fit a canon M50 to Minolta Marcus 5 lens I recently bought the M50 a while ago.. I was going Thru my old stuff and found a bunch of Minolta x700 lens and Minolta maxxum5 lens... I wanted to see if they made any adapter for it ? Please Help




Rising Star

I haven't used an EF-M camera, or Minolta lenses, so I'm not an expert. But a little googling turned up some info. (I'm bored... 😉 )

First off, you need to know that your camera has an EF-M lens mount. This is derived from EF, but it is mechanically different, so not compatible. In particular, it has a short flange distance; this is good news, as it is possible to get adapters to fit SLR lenses to it. In particular, there's an adapter from EF to EF-M.

I can't find anything online about a "Minolta Marcus", so I have no idea about that.

The Minolta x700 is a camera which has a Minolta SR mount (later feature-added versions were called MC and MD). It's possible you might find an adapter from SR/MC/MD to EF-M; this article might help:

The Minolta Maxxum5 is another camera, but this time an autofocus camera. Doing autofocus required a new lens mount with electronic communication, so this is Minolta A mount, which is not compatible with SR. I believe this is the same thing as Sony A or Alpha or α (Sony bought Minolta's camera business).

Technically it might be possible to make an adapter from A mount lenses to an EF-M camera, but the adapter would need a computer inside it to convert the command protocol. If it didn't, the lens wouldn't do AF, and probably wouldn't work at all (like no aperture control, etc). I doubt that such an adapter exists.

(The EF to EF-M adapter works because those mounts are both Canon, and probably use the same command protocol.)

Hope this helps.