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Canon Eos M50 Focus Question


So I just got a canon eos m50 I’m new to the camera world and I can’t figure out how to get everyone’s faces to focus when taking a photo. It has a flip screen and it’s amazing for taking solo selfies and shots of an image but when I tried to take a selfie with some friends it only focused on one face it would show a green square around me or someone and the rest wouldn’t be as clear and in focus. I want it to just take a clear group shot like when you take a picture on an iPhone selfie camera. How do I achieve this please help. I currently have everything on auto mode/ is there a way to make it work while this mode still being on?


It will probably always do that in Auto shooting mode. I think you seeing what is known as Depth Of Field. The camera must think you are wanting to shoot a solo portrait.

You probably need to put the camera into a Creative mode like Av mode. Basic Landscape mode might work, too.
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