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Canon EOS R8 keeps dropping out of HSS


TLDR: my new Canon R8 jumps out of HSS after shooting a while, dont know what to do, any suggestions?

Hi there, I just got the R8 about 3 weeks ago, been using the RP as my main camera for the last 3 years (since launch) I shoot a LOT, mostly portraits, models... some family shoots, headshots, I have used that RP for just about everything you can think of. 

So, when I first got the R8, there were a few issues I had, mostly just settings that didnt exist on the RP that I didnt know what to do with etc. but my problem, when in my studio doing photoshoots, there is always a time where the camera will drop out of HSS and the shutter keeps jumping to 1/200. Im using godox AD200's in softboxes etc triggering them with the X2T-c trigger. at first I had a problem with HSS because I didnt realize I needed to change the trigger to the first curtain shutter instead of the HSS setting. once I figured that out, everything worked fine. but about 30 mins to an hour into the shoot, it will jump out of hss and the shutter jumps to 1/200. if I mess around with it, I can get it to work again for a shot or 2 but it will do the same thing over again. now Im forced to just keep the shutter at 1/200 and adjust all the other settings to get the look I want or I will waste a lot of time fiddling with my camera during the shoot.

the R8 firmware is at the latest. Ive never looked into the firmware for the trigger or the strobes. have you guys had this problem? any suggestions?



You'll probably need to take this up with Godox.  When I used HSS in the past (only with 600 EX-RT speedlites), you had to enable HSS on the flashes itself.  So perhaps your Godox lights are reverting to non-HSS settings for some reason.


Camera: EOS 5D IV, EF 50mm f/1.2L, EF 135mm f/2L
Lighting: Profoto Lights & Modifiers

ok, now that I read your response and did a little more thinking on it. I think I had it wrong. I set my trigger/strobe to first curtain sync.  I thought that was how I had to set it since the R8 had no first curtain mechanical shutter and that would be HSS for that camera. I am finding out that was wrong and it has nothing to do with HSS at all


the reason I set it to that, when I did have the triggers/strobe in the normal HSS. I got the black bar across the top like it wasnt synced when I raised the SS above 1/200.  so Im back to where my initial issue was with HSS and the problem I mentioned in my original post isnt the problem. I  think there is a setting somewhere either on the camera or the trigger that I need to correct to solve my problem. I just dont know what. Im going to grab my strobe this evening when I get off work and play around with it some more to see if I can figure it out.  that is really the last issue I have, that I havent figured out, yet since I got the R8. 



What I ended up doing, I updated the firmware on the Godox trigger and the AD200. not sure if that helped or not but now things are working as intended, I've done a full photoshoot and everything was good, never dropped out of HSS.