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Canon Cinema lenses with 5D4/EOS R

Rising Star
Dear friends, I have with me the 5D4 and the Canon cinema lenses kit, but I cannot obtain any usual type of focus confirmation, like I have with for example Zeiss ZE photographic lenses. By confirmation I mean the usual beep and green dot inside the 5D4 OVF. Do you confirm this behavior/limitation?
The only way to focus with this manual lenses and the 5D4 is thru the rear display and with x10 magnification, but again without any kind of visual or audio confirmation.
What about the new EOS R with Canon Cinema lenses? The new focus confirmation present in this new EOS; meaning Focus Guide and Peaking, solve this problem? If so, I guess it works both in the rear display as well as in the EVF because both are a representation of the sensor?!
Do this new EOS R features works for sure with Canon Cinema Lenses and I can forget the beep and athe green dot as things from the past and Dslr´s with their OVF?
Thank you very much for your kind help.
Best regards,
Luis Cunha