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Canon Camera Suggestions - Upgrade from EOS Rebel T6


Currently the owner of a canon rebel t6 with a Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 Lense.

Looking to upgrade my camera. 

I'm a casual photographer, mainly looking to take photos of myself, my partner, and all our fun dates/vacations. 

Looking for suggestions for great image quality and simplicity of use. I have a budget of about $1,500. 

Have been looking into the Canon R7, R10, and the 90d. 




The information you provided is helpful, thank you.

At this point I don't know that I would recommend investing in DSLRs.

I think mirrorless is the direction you want to move in.  There are some considerations.  Is the 17-50 the only lens you own?  I owned the 17-70 which I absolutely loved. It came out shortly after the 17-50.  Given the age of the 17-50 I'm not sure how well it might work with a modern mirrorless body.  It's firmware cannot be updated unless you send it back to Sigma and I don't know if firmware is even available for it.  

You can only use the Sigma Dock on Global Vision lenses (Contemporary, Art or Sport).  

This is the list of compatible mirrorless bodys for the 17-50 from Sigma's website


The 90D is supported, but this relagates you to staying with DSLR's.  Not a bad thing, but if you are looking to make a single step upgrade.  The 90D is a great camera.

If you are looking for a major upgrade, then a mirrorless body is the way you'll want to go.  Here's a side by side.

Canon R7 vs Canon 90D Detailed Comparison (

Very close, until you consider IBIS, more advanced focusing system (Animal, Vehicle, Eye tracking), more AF points, better ISO, 2 card slots, etc. and you get these things for $200 more.    2 yr old body vs. 5 yr old body.   The R7 is lighter too, and also weather sealed like the 90D. 

Don't make a decision because its what I might do.  Go look at the 2 together.  

If you want to stretch your dollar, consider Canon Refurbished.

Canon Refurbished Cameras & Accessories | Canon U.S.A, Inc.

R10 - $783

R7 - $1119

90D is there too.  

The R7 with 18-150mm Refurb is out of stock, so mix and match.  Refurbished body, new lens.

You have some options.  Then sell the T6 and Sigma and use that cash to buy a few memory cards and extra battery.

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@shadowsports, I really appreciate your time and effort in your reply. You have valid points on mirrorless being the future and the overall upgrades with the R7. Are there other lenses you might recommend, for the R7?


What do you feel are the shortcomings of your current body and lens combo?