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Canon A-1 film camera Service Locations?


I have an old Canon A-1 film camera that I would like to use again.  Is there anywhere in California or elsewhere on the west coast that I can get this old camera serviced? 




What's wrong with it? Anything, or you just think it needs something done?

I'm told the problems are shutter squeak and mirror lock.  (Whatever that means). LOL

Before you pay big bucks to a repair service, fix it yourself for zero cost.

The shutter squeak you speak of is actually not the shutter. It is the notorious "A"-Series MIRROR Squeal. It is a mirror escapement gear mechanism that needs lubrication.

There are simple fixes you can do yourself (I can send you links to how-tos). I did one of them using WD-40 with a thin spray tube. The others require a pinpoint oiler with a long needle tip.

The "mirror lock" could be an advanced stage of the squeal thing.  I fixed an AE-1 Program myself. All the "A"s have the same mechanism.

A link would be great.  I would like to try to fix this myself rather than send it off somewhere.  Shipping lately has been a beeotch. 


I fixed it.  Ain't WD40 wonderful? LOL  Thanks guys, that was very helpful.  

Please ACCEPT my response(s).


WD-40 has no business anywhere near photographic equipment. WD-40 is a Water-Displacement agent, not a lubricant. When the solvents from the WD-40 dry out, you are going to have a gummed up mess to clean out of the camera.

Use a sewing machine oil or other very light lubricant for camera mechanisms.


Do some research. WD-40 does have lubricant properties, and solvents to clean squeaky surfaces. Exactly what is needed for the mirror escapement of the A-series cameras. Sewing machine or other oil can be just as harmful inside a camera unless great precision in placement and quantity. This is difficult to judge when you can't see where an application needle is going.

I did the WD-40 thing years ago on my AE-1 Program years ago and it is still going strong, with no ill effects. As the video points out, all it takes is a very quick spritz.