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Canon 80D clicking sound on video recording

Hello, when using an external mic (have tried two Rode mics) the video recording has an audible, cyclic clicking sound... akin to the baseball card in your bicycle tire held w a clothespin.

Hoping someone can help. Clicking sound doesn’t happen when using built in mic.


What lens?

Did you try turning off autofocus and IS?

I’ll try that but I use the AF while shooting video.

I’ll try that but I use the AF while shooting video.

Which model of microphone?  Does it require power?  


How are you connecting both microphones to the camera at the same time?

"The right mouse button is your friend."

This is strictly for troubleshooting.




I am replying to this because this thread has established seo on google and comes up when you search for this problem. This problem happens when you have wifi on, and especially when the phone is close to the camera. I would also assume the rode mic cable picks up all kinds of electrical noise due to its spiral shape and not being shielded. I was able to fix the problem using aluminum foil as shielding. I am also working on making my own cable out of shielded twisted pair wire, but for now the foil helps. That or don’t use wifi or use the internal mic if you really need to capture the audio well.

 See video below:

"Rode VIDEOMIC GO Noise Canon 80D Fix SNR Aluminum Foil”


Brilliant. Thank for sharing.

I have been using the Rode Video Mic that came with my 80D.  I have had it for almost a year and a half and have never had this problem until just the last week or so.  I have used a different and onger cable to extend my mic to a boom stand closer to me for vlogging.  Worked great until now when I go the clicking sound.  I tried switching back to the coil cable and still have the clicking sound.  I twisted the cable connector on the camera end and the clicking sound went away.  Switched back to the longer cable and the clicking noise was back.  Again, twisted the connector in the camer end and the noise got way quieter (though not fully gone).  I will try the tin foil trick to see if that helps.



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