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Canon 800D/T7i playback button stuck/broke


Suddenly the button can't be physically pressed anymore. I'm not sure what exactly happened and it looks like it won't be able to be repaired without disassembly, which would be costly.

For that reason I can't see existing pictures on the camera screen anymore.

Does anyone know any trick/workaround how to access pictures on camera using touchscreen or some other button?




A camera with a non-functioning playback button isn't very practical.  There's a good chance Canon may service this model still.  I'd register it on my Canon and send it in for inspection and an estimate.

An authorized repair facility such as midwest camera dot com is another possibility.

Maybe it's time for an upgrade?  Canon has a great refurbished store.  These products come with the same one year warranty that brand new cameras and lenses are sold with.  There are a bunch of sales going on right now.  The one at B&H is ending but I'm sure there's others out there.  

Tell us a little bit more about the type of photography you do, what equipment you own now and your budget. Maybe we can make some suggestions.  


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