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Canon 7D Serial number questions

Rising Star

I have a 2013 7D. The camera has a S/N of 10 digits starting with "41".


My friend has just purchased an used 7D and the camera has a S/N of 9 digits starting with "97". (see edit below)


He asked me to check the year of manufacture of his camera. Of course, there is no answer that I could find on the internet because Canon may have an unique numbering system.


I looked into the Canon registration info of my canon camera bodies (some of which are sold).


My 2X 5D3 and sold EOS M and 60D has a 12 digits S/N. 6D has 14 digits. 40D has 10 digits.


40D S/N starts with "07"  and yes it's a 2007 camera. 6D S/N starts with "2012". It was purchased in 2012.


My M has a S/N starts with "0330" which tells nothing, 2X 5D3 with "1221" and "2328" respectively - the first one is a 2012 camera so the first 2 digits may hint that it's 2012 manufactured but the second one was bought in 2015 but the first 2 digits are "23".


60D S/N starts with "21" - may be the first digit means 2012 manufactured.


Come back to 7D. Is the serial number even relevant with regards to a build date?


Please share the first 2 digits of your 7D and year of purchase (new of course). Thanks


Edit : actually my friend's 7D has 10 digits S/N, it's "097" instead of "97"


Also find a link here :


It's a guess but looks like a reasonable one to me.



I have two 7D's:

Purchased in 2010: Starts with 11

Purchased in 2012: Starts with 30

Which I guess is consistent with the article you referenced.

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