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Canon 6D mark II battery life


Hi guys! I have a quick question and I hope you can help me.
I have a Canon 6D Mark II camera with an external flash, and I'll be doing night club photography for approximately 5 hours. I'm wondering if one battery will be enough to last throughout the entire session, or should I consider having a backup battery?
Considering turn off all unnecessary feature also shut the LCD screen.



It's always wise to have at least a second battery.   In addition to camera features, it will also depend as to what lens you're using.  Some lenses would be drawing more power.


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I agree with Ricky.  I always have a spare battery and a spare card with me.  I have a 6D2.  Even when I'm using GPS, I've taken a thousand shots with one battery.  However, this has not been continuous shooting, so bring a second battery to be safe.  With two batteries you will have no issues at all.


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A lot will depend on how you use the camera.  Always carry a spare battery.  If you turn off Image Previews.  Do not do a lot chimping.  You should be fine.

However, I would think you should be equally concerned, if not more, about the battery life in the flash.  BTW, you may not even be able to use the flash.

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