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Canon 60d keeps shutting itself off!!

I'm having a major issue with my Canon 60d and I'm hoping you can help me.
I'm shooting a documentary with many interviews. This **bleep** camera keeps shutting off. Not the 12 min shut off during video, it just keeps shutting off.
I read on blogs about the SD card not keeping up. I've used two cards: ScanDisk 32 mb class 10, and Transcend 32 mb class 10 and had the same issue. I'm shooting 1920x1080 24fps.
I'm thinking maybe the camera is getting hot? It will initially record fine for about 20 min's then shut off. Recoding again it shuts off after about 7 min. then 5 min, then 3 then continues at a lower and lower recording time until it shuts off around 30 seconds into recording.
I have found nothing online that will solve this problem.
I am interviewing many well know figures who have been around a long time and have great notoriety, and it's extremely embarrassing  to have this happening. Not to mention not getting the information I need for the movie because of camera issues.
Please help!!!
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Much gratitude,


That is 32 GB, not 32 MB, on the memory cards?

Yes gigs,  my bad!


Here's the heat warning from your manual...

ScreenHunter_16 Jun. 30 20.17.jpg

I never see the white or red icons on the screen. The camera doesn't just stop recording, it shuts off altogether. It's maddening!!

It would be very unusual to not get the white and red icons. I suggest more experiments and you might try to reduce your resolution. Have you tried 720P? Also, 32 GB is a huge card size. (I know, I know, they are very cost effective.) You should try a smaller size card. Thirty minutes of 1080p movie should work out to about 2GB making a 32GB card capable of holding about 7 hours of footage.


I guess the bottom line is you should make certain that you don't need a second body to film your interviews; something I think you should seriously consider. One body could cool while the other shoots.


Good luck.

Can you switch the camera back on after it switches off?  (e.g. it's not as simple as a dead battery?)


The camera has micro-switches on the battery door as well as on the memory slot door.  if it thinks etiher of those doors were opened it will immedaietley shut off.


You may want to check the fit on yoru doors.  Both doors have a tab which engages their respective door-switches when the doors are closed.  Make sure the doors close with a good fit and that the tabs are not damaged.



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Thanks for the tip. As far as I can tell they are shutting completely. The camera is always on a tripod during these interviews so there's no way they can become loose.

This is really driving me crazy. For this reason, this is the worst camera I've ever used. I should've bought the Panasonic gh3

I don't think the OP wants any solution or suggestion. More likely just wants to let some steam off.

I WANT a solution! That's why I posted this. Letting off steam is pointless. This is an on-going issue on blogs with this camera and no one has come up with a solution or tips. I'm assuming the answer is that, that's just the way the camera is?