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Canon 5D iv in camera time lapse, mechanical or electronic shutter?


i like to shoot in camera time lapses that are assembled in the camera ready to view. i often use the max # of frames which is 3600. i have always believed that this mode uses an electronic shutter with the mirror locked up. not actual shutter use. it is totally silent when shooting.


i have just found out my shutter count is over 350,000 according to Shuttercount.

is it really? should i be worried about immenent failure?  are there warning signs of empending failure?


the camera is rated for 150,000 shutter releases. shouldn't it have died by now if the camera is using the mechanical shutter?


my Lightroom catalog has about 18,000 images from this camera. of course that doesn't include the crappy ones i have deleted.


here is an example.



Shooting in time lapse movie mode does NOT use the mechanical shutter so it isn't creating wear to the shutter and mirror mechanism.  As to Shuttercount, the only count I would truly believe is either what Canon service retrieves or what is shown by the camera itself which it does in my EOS 1 series bodies.


It sounds like the Shuttercount software has been confused by that operating mode of your 5DIV.



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You will hear it if the mechanical shutter is in use. Seems your shutter count software shows you wrong if you have used the in camera time lapse mode. Does the count increase by 3600 if you use 3600 frames in time lapse mode? If that is the case you should tell the support at Shuttercount.


If you are curious you could also ask the creator of SPT if there is a shutter count tag for in camera time lapse. SPT has shown that there are many different shutter counts and mirror counts in a camera from Canon.

what is STP?


thanks for the responses. that is pretty much what i thought. maybe i will call Canon this coming week. i have a 600 EX-RT flash that is saying the batteries are dead when they are not that i need to see about getting repaired.


No links in this forum, so you will have to google SPT Canon instead. But first of all ask Shuttercount. Dire Studio Shuttercount I suppose?

I am looking forward for the answers both from Canon and DIRE Studio.

i wrote Dire yesterday. i will post after i get some answers.