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Canon 5D Mark iii dropped frames


I have had dropped frame issues with my Canon 5D Mark iii on playback in the camera.  I just bougth it so I sent it back and the second one was doing the same thing not as bad.  I tried 4 different SD card all 32 gb 44 MB/s.  For the third camera I will be getting I bought a 32 gb SD card and 95 MB/s to see if that makes a difference.  I called Cannon to sk them what the problem could be and they said it could be the card or it could be the 24-105 mm lens IS and try shotting the video witht he IS off and then on.  I was also told there is no way it could be the lens it's either the cameras or the card.  I am getting really frustrated as to why this keeps happening.  I am also shooting in 24 fps and 30 fps.  The last camera was dropping frames and overheating and the joystick was difficult to use and only worked every so often.  Has anyone else had any of these issues?



Hi WC!


Thanks for posting on the forum.


It is very likely that the issue is with the cards you have tried and not the camera. 


You mentioned that you were going to try a faster card. 


  1. Were you able to do so yet? 
  2. If so, how did the faster card perform?
  3. Do you experience the same issue when recording to a high-speed CF card instead of an SD card?

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I don't have the camera yet.  I have to wait for B and H Video to come back from holiday hours and send me another one.    I should get the camera around May 2nd and I will try the faster SD card then.  I don't have a CF card, only the 32 gb class 10 95 MBs SD card I will try. 


I don't know if I put this in my original post but I have been told different things as to what it could be such as the card or even the lens.  So as soon as I get the camera and test the new card I will see if dropped frames still occur.  I really hope not and I hope this SD card will be fast enough, I will look into getting CF cards if this camera is fine.