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Canon 5D Mark IV AEB vs HDR


Can someone tell me what the difference is between AEB and the HDR function on a Canon 5D Mark IV?


When I use 3-shot AEB, it takes much longer (>1-second) than using the HDR function to take 3-bracketed +/-2EV shots (excluding waiting for it to "make" the HDR image which I throw away).


I take photos for HDR processing and there is a lot of movement/ghosting in >1-second for 3-shots.


My 5DMII was quicker using AEB.



There should be no difference in the amount of time it takes for 3 shots using AEB or HDR.  The difference might be in the method of change (change in Tv versus change in Av).


You can take a look at the exif data to figure out what method of change.  AEB/HDR is meant to be taken using a tripod on subjects that don't move.  Otherwise you should expect ghosting and such.  This has nothing to do with camera or whether it's AEB or HDR.

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Thanks for the reply.  I am using Av.  With HDR mode, I get 3-shots instantaneously - less than a second - probably more like .5 seconds.  It takes another 5+ seconds before the camera can be used, while it is creating the HDR image.


With AEB, there is a noticible delay between each shot - definitely taking more than 2-seconds total, but that delay introduces more ghosting/hand movements.


These are classic/antique car shows I shoot. You can't use a tripod.  Usually, I have less than 10-seconds to compose and shoot a shot due to constant foot-traffic.  I have been doing hand-held HDR for many years with my 5DMII and now the 5DMIV.  Software merging/manipulation (Photomatix) is much better than the in-camera HDR which can not compensate for hand movement or ghosting (eventhough I am very steady) like Photomatix can.

I really do not mean to offend you but did you test these two modes back to back - with lighting identical?  If they are different, like I stated, it could mean only one thing - one mode uses ISO to shift and the other uses shutter speed.  The shutter speed change will get slower, no doubt, for the brighter shot.


You might want to use photoshop auto-align feature to minimize ghosting.  Then use PS auto-blend.  I find Photomatix to create ghosting on its own, even if you're using a tripod.  Personally I always hand-blend the shots in photoshop. That way I have total control.

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FWIW, I didn't want to leave this thread unresolved. I figured it out on my own when I read that the default speed for multiple-exposures (vs single-shot) was 3-shots/sec which is a tad slower than my MII.  Once I knew there was a "Multi Shot H" high-speed 7-shots/sec mode, my problem is resolved and I can shoot AEB much faster with almost no-ghosting to post-process.  Obviously, HDR mode shoots at 7-shots/sec which makes sense.



HDR auto selects ISO so your shots may be faster but with more noise, probably best if you're sans tripod. AEB takes a series of exposures which you determine (up to 9) and you can set the ISO. Hint: if using AEB set safety shift to ISO to avoid maxing out exposure time.