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Canon 5D Mark III firmware wishlist/feature request.


Auto ISO one-touch Custom Control:


As a photographer my niche is in child and pet portraits.  So I shoot Manual and fix my exposure at 1/500 shutter speed and f/2.8 aperture with Auto ISO.  The SET->ISO custom control beautifully allows me to do exposure compensation in ISO because it only takes 3 clicks of the Main Dial to add 1-stop EV.  But there is no quick way to turn Auto ISO back on.

For example, if Auto ISO is reading ISO-1600 it only takes 3 clicks to get ISO-3200 using the Main Dial and SET->ISO Custom Control.  But it takes 17 clicks of the Main Dial with the top ISO button to turn Auto ISO back on. [Note: Auto ISO cannot be set with SET->ISO]

I am proposing a Custom Control for one-touch Auto ISO to provide a very fast and easy way to switch to Auto ISO.
This functionality could be included in the existing SET->ISO Custom Control:
1) Holding SET and turning the Main Dial selects ISO. [Current functionality]
2) Pressing SET selects Auto ISO


If this dual context in buttons is not possible then the Custom Control options could be any/all of:
1) AF-ON -> Auto ISO
2) * -> Auto ISO

3) Start/Stop -> Auto ISO [I think a lot of action photographers aren't using LiveView]


Thank you for your consideration.




Others all welcome to add their own wishlist.



I would also like to see,  when bracketing with self timer and using the mirror lock up function, the camera will only take the first bracketed shot, so you must repress the shutter for the second, but under the HDR menu, and shooting the same setup with mirror lockup, the camera will automatically take 3 consecutively shots, (with mirror lockup)


I am hoping a small firmware fix can help make this possible in any other mode other than HDR also,


please add exposure compensation when in full manual mode with autoISO enabled.


for example I set a desired aperture for depth of field and a desired speed to freeze movements and there heavily changing light conditions on a location with a lot of action - i will just use autoISO. so one scene might be evenly exposed, but when i turn around i have a heavily backlit person. so it would be super-practical if i could just overexpose by a stop or two via the back dial. if i would adjust the ISO the same problem as DeckardSolos arises.


apparently nikons have that feature.



edit - second request: enable main dial image scroll in review mode


i take a shot  with image review enabled. naturally i review my image and often would like to compare it to the image i took just before. but i cant just scroll back with the main dial. i have to press play to get in "playback mode" and only then the dial will work. it would be very practical if the image pops up automatically for review and i could compare it straightaway to others.

I'd like to see a firmware upgrade to put the focus zoom buttons back on the buttons they were on in previous Canon EOS models (* and [-:-] ).  It's really annoying switching back and forth between my 60D and 5D Mark III.  Especially if I'm using both at the same time (like at a wedding).  My work around so far is to put zoom on the "set" button of the Mark III, but that's not exactly ideal.  I don't understand how this change improves anything or fixes a problem???


1/500th is _very_ fast for portraiture.  The max sync speed for the camera (without using a flash in HSS mode) is 1/200th.  Are you not using lighting for your portraiture?


I'm a bit confused about your explanation of turning auto ISO and and off.  If you press the ISO button on the top of the body you can use the main dial to roll the ISO up or down... but if you roll it all the way down (one setting past 100 (unless you've enabled ISO 50)) it switches to 'A' (auto ISO).  You can enable/disable auto-ISO using that same ISO button.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da
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