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Cannon 80D problem. Please help!


Hello. I bought cannon 80d this summer. Well i will get right to the point. Today i visited the beach with some friends. I took some photos and after a while cannon started being weird. At first it wouldnt let me access the menu to delete some photos as sd card was full. Switched it off then back on and it worked and then after some more photos all hell broke loose. My cannon opens up only on photograph mode. On video mode screen is black. On photograph mode shutter works, AF works, (all buttons next to AF work), i can change modes, i can even move the AF dot from the viewfinder. Any other button doesnt work. Live view doesnt work, menu wont work either. (camera is not locked obviously) when i switch to video nothing happens camera still takes photos. when i switch to video and then enable camera its a black screen. Any ideas? Please help!



"Any ideas?"


Yeah.  What did you do about the camera message that said the memory card was full? 


Try a new card, and be sure to use the camera to perform a low level format on any new card.  Performing a low level format is a step many people skip, only to experience weird camera behavior down the road.  Be sure not to use a microSD card, either.0000  The microSD cards are not recommended for use with the 80D. 


Buy a new brand card, like Lexar or Sandisk, from a reputable vendor for memory cards.  Amazon and eBay are not good sources for anything more costly than a paperback, IMHO.

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Hello and thanks for the reply. Well i hit play and deleted some photos and then went on shooting some more. I changed batteries and i changed SD cards. (I only use sandisk) I cannot perform a format through the camera. The menu button doesnt work at all. 😞 any more ideas?

 If you bought your camera last summer, then it should still be under warranty.  Contact Canon U.S. Support at 1-800-OK-CANON.


If buttons are not working, then it sounds like you camera may have gotten wet or dirty with sand.  When you tell Canon about the problem, play dumb.  Leave out the part about being at the beach.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Yeah thats what i am planning to do(using the warranty). But what really puzzled me is that i didnt touch the camera with water in my hands nor was it ever close to the sea. Does this mean i spent so much money on that camera and it is so easily beaten by water in the air? or did i just get extremely unlucky? the camera was mostly in my bag and i am extremely carefull of it. And also does this mean that if i want to shoot at a beach i have to waterproof it? 😞

Extended exposure to humid environments can potentially damage the camera.  The limits are posted in the specifications.  Did you get unlucky?  That's a more likely  possibility.  Next time you go to the beach, wrap up the camera in a plastic bag.  They sell inexpensie bags for just this purpose.

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I cannot imagine that your camera has been damaged by high humidity. I live in Florida, humidity here can be extremely high.....above 85%. I shoot at beaches and in dense, swampy wooded areas where you have difficulty breathing because of the humidity. I know many shooters near me that, of course, experience the same conditions. I, nor anyone that I know have ever experienced any damage to their equipment due to using it in high humidity conditions. So, no, you don't have to waterproof it if you want to go to a beach. Be careful yes, but no waterproofing.


I doubt very much if your camera has been damaged simply by high humidity as was mentioned above. Direct exposure to water is a different situation.


Call Canon and explain your symptoms and go from there.



"So, no, you don't have to waterproof it if you want to go to a beach. Be careful yes, but no waterproofing."


I would be curious to know what type of camera that person and his friends use.  The 80D is not very well weather sealed, although it is fairly robust.  The more expensive Canon models are much better sealed against dust and moisture.  None of them should be considered dust or moisture proof.



If you go to the beach, it would be wise to carry your camera gear in a sealed, waterproof bag.  Many backpacks have rain covers, and are more than adequate for this purpose.  I like beaches, too. 


I grew up a mile away from a salt water beach.  In addition to a backpack with a rain cover, I carry my gear inside of plastic bags, especially when going from an air-conditioned environment [like a house or car], then get out into a warm, high humidty environment, and then back into the air-conditioned environment. 


Going from "cold and dry" to "hot and humid" and back to "cold and dry" can cause condesation inside of your gear.  I always allow time for my gear to at least try to come to ambient temperature before I take stuff out of their bags.  I do the same in the winter, where you go from a warm house to freezing temps, and back to indoor warmth.  After a shoot on a hot, humid day, I will bring gear inside the air conditioned house, but will wait at least an hour before I remove stuff from the bags.  I take the same precautions in the winter, even if all I am doing is traveling from Point A to Point B, for an indoor shoot.


Also, It is worth noting that water is not the only danger at a beach.  Sand can be nearly as bad as water, because if the sand isn't wet, then it is arid and dusty.  In either case, the sand gets on your hands, and then onto and into your camera and lenses.  Carrying a towel and some pre-moistened towelletes to clean your hands.  You will need it.


[EDIT]  Why do I go to such seemingly extreme precautions?  Because I wear glasses, which can and frequently do fog up.  If my glasses can fog up, then so can the camera gear.  End of story.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Wow. thanks for your replies guys.


Well no water whatsoever near my canon. I usually take extreme precautions of my canon. It took me a great deal of pain to get a hold of it and it is also my means of earning money. I would never let water near it. I cant say the same for sand. I didnt notice any sand getting to it but you know its sand so i cant be sure.


What is troubling me is that some buttons do work. I can change the aperture, i can change the shutter speed i can make it auto focus i can use the * but thats it. And video is not working whatsoever. I tend to think that it was probably a bad model or that some buttons need change. I asked (by phone) and the shop said this has happened to other canon cameras but not 80d yet. Could be that

. Anyway as soon as i get it to the shop i will tell you what they tell me. I was just trying to find if anybody else experienced anything like this and the likelihood that i caused the problem. Cause at first i was terrified. If its true that i caused it and warranty wont fix it then i am screwed. But i will deal with it.


Again thanks for your replies guys and girls.



EDIT: I am from Greece but so far this forum has been great to me. I hope i dont get kicked cause of it. I say it to explain why the camera is not in canon already. Its far from where i live and i can only get it there on saturday. Wish me luck 😛

"What is troubling me is that some buttons do work."


I hate to beat a dead horse but it sure sounds like water damage.   You need to send it to Canon for a look see.

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