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Camera recommendations for slow sports, team photos, wildlife, etc.


 Looking for some recommendations for a camera. I’m wanting to do slow sports, team photos, wildlife, and some commercial things. I’m currently shooting with a Rebel T3 and just wanting to upgrade due to its age. I’m looking at going with the bundled stuff as I just want to start with a single lens now. Below are some pics I took to show examples of what I’m wanting to be able to shoot.






Do you have a budget in mind?

Do you have a preference of DSLR vs. mirrorless?

Do you have a sturdy tripod?

Shooting indoor, slow sports or commercial is going to have different requirements than wildlife, and might call for either different lenses, or one that has a wide range of focal lengths.

Steve Thomas

Right now trying to stay around $1300 for body and lens together as I’m just starting out. I hope after working some more shifts, I’ll have enough to buy bigger and better lenses but right now, just looking for basic. Nothing exactly too fancy but something I don’t need to upgrade body wise. Currently my Best Buy has an EOS RP with a RFS 24-105mm for $1200. But I’m just seeing what people would recommend. 


The RP would not be a bad move.  You'll get 26 megapixels and 4K for video, if you want it. The RP is definitely itely a step up from your T3, and you'll have some learing to do. I envy you.

Moving to mirrorless is the wave of the future, and will allow you to grow. Based on what you wrote, I'd say you were on the right track.

If you decide to go that route, you might also get an Ef-EOS R adapter, so that you can use your existing lenses on your new RP camera. They are currently running about $129.00, and can also be purchased at Best Buy.

Down the road, if you want to take wildlife photos, you're probably going to want a greater reach then the 105 will give you. In the meantime, you will be able to use your current lenses while you save up.

I have read that the 24-105 is a good starter lens.

Good luck 😀

Steve Thomas