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Brand new M200 freezing and bricking


Brand new Canon M200 freezing and bricking.

Hey team

Just got a brand new M200, and was really excited to start shooting some of my work (I build guitars). Straight out of the box it’s freezing after a short amount of use, whether that’s scrolling the menu, checking out the shooting options with the live view, or even just letting it sit idle. The screen in the picture is what happens - sometimes it’s a contrasted picture, sometimes it’s lines, and sometimes it’s a neon green overlay. I have absolutely no idea what it could be.

Brand new Canon EOS M200, battery fully charged, no card in it, and happens whether the lens is attached or not.

Very frustrating and a little disheartening, but wondering if there’s something I’m overlooking or any suggestions to try! Thanks in advance!



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Sorry to hear of your problem. If the battery is fully charged, and still having this issue, I would send it back or send to Canon for repair.

Thanks 🙂 like I said it’s brand new so still under warranty. Only annoying part is it was purchased through Best Buy (online) and the only way I can return it is to a store, which is a ~3h round trip. Bugger