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Black Bars above & below Thumbnails


I shoot video Footage with a 6D & 7Dmkii. When I shoot the footage and import it from the SD card to my laptop, I can see the thumbnails in the folder and they have two(2) black bars, above and below the thumbnails. Even after I edit the footage and export them, I still see the black bars, above and below the thumbnails. I am shooting at 24fps, 30fps, 60fps. Still does no good in removing the black bars. Can anyone that has a 6D or a 7Dmkii shoot a 5-10 clip and import it to their computer or laptop and see if you have these black bars above and below their thumbnails. I am not sure if it is the firmware or a setting in the camera that I'm not setting right. Here is a screenshot of the folder they are stored in. I am editing in Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 V15.0.... I would really like to see if anyone can do this and shoot 5-10 second clips and then import them to their computer and see if they have the same black bars.?. Thanks, guys and gals. 

Bill H

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 12.28.31 PM.png



Hi, Bill!  We see that you've posted on this topic a few times already.  We've consolidated your other posts into a single thread which you'll find right HERE.


Thanks for posting!

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