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Best camera choice for shooting basketball and football.


We are comparing the 7D, 60d and rebel T4i.  We are novices but are willing to learn and realize we will need to invest in lenses.  Any opinions would be appreciated.



Unless the basketball is played in VERY good light the 7D is the only option in that list. It has a far better AF system than the others when it comes to action. The 7D rivals earlier pro bodies designed & used to cover sports & fast paced action, and from using both I can verify it was up to the task most of the time. (I didn't get to use the newest firmware update before selling my 7D).

Lens choices will be highly influenced by the lighting, and faster lenses will rule in low light. Football is normally an outdoor sport so lens choice is a bit less demanding re a wide aperture.

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Without question the 7D is your only choice if you want the best. The others will probably work but not in the same class as the 7D.

I would go for a 7D with the new 70-200 mm Series II F2.8. I am just thrilled with mine and highly recommend this combo.

I would go so far to say the 7D is the best APS-C body made, bar none.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!


Though a better camera body can give you a lesser noise with High ISO and a better Shutter burst rate / frame per second but the bottom line IMO and most determining factor in sport shooting is Glass not Camera alone.

If on low budget, definitely think of 85mm F1.8 (Non L) and go from there buiding a right lens line with wide F stops when IQ of lens is satisfactory to your need for given focal lenght.

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