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Battery Question


"I need some water." She offered, eyes cloudy and voice clearly hinting at heavy intoxication. It was so obvious that Samantha savored the act of showing herself to him, and it was a realization that drove me to the brink of madness. My innocent wife, my childhood crush, drunk on tequila and hormones, was parading around for the eyes of another man. My heart pounded as my jealousy surged, but I felt an undeniable stirring in my loins.
William joked, "I'm starting to really enjoy it when you come out here for a glass of water."

Samantha smiled with a hazy look in her stare. I wondered if she would even remember this moment when waking up in the morning.

My heart raced as the two of them now stood near each other, my wife's eyes wandering down our lodgers muscular body, arriving at the healthy outline at his groin.

I almost couldn't believe my ears as I heard her ask, "My goodness William. What are you hiding in there anyway?"

Samantha moaned, surprise on her voice, "Are you serious?"

I slowly pumped into her, savoring the pleasure of her body, confirming, "Yeah. You looked insanely hot, and William couldn't keep his eyes off you."

My wife wrapped her legs around me, pulling me as deep as I was able to reach. I could already feel an orgasm brewing, the situation was too loaded.

She looked up at me, somehow curious within her haze of intoxicated arousal, "I was worried that you were going to be mad, or jealous. I don't know why I keep flirting with him." Sammie groaned softly as I continued to pump her with delicate strokes, adding, "I'm not usually like that. I'm being a bad girl."

I couldn't believe my ears, her flippant comments certainly fueled by intoxication, but striking at the recesses of my brain. I admitted, "I was jealous, but I like it when you're a bad girl." My tempo increased, as I felt consumed by perversion, adding, "You keep flirting with him because you think he's attractive, and you know he has a big **bleep**."
Samantha gasped, "What? No-" She added, meekly, somewhat delirious, not quite understanding my response. Ultimately she did not deny that she enjoyed savoring his massive bulge, admitting, "Oh I'm sorry John. I couldn't stop staring at it. It just looks so big and, I don't know what's come over me."







From your description, "time lapse video/shots via a virtual assistant," I have no idea what you're doing.  But, I do know that Canon makes an AC Adapter kit for the EOS Rebel T6, which replaces the battery.


The Canon AC Adapter kits come in two parts.  The first part is a module that mounts inside of the battery compartment.  The battery replacement modules are as varied as there are Canon camera batteries.  The second part is the AC Adapter Accessory that powers the battery module.


The EOS Rebel T6 uses the Canon DC Coupler DR-E10, which replaces the internal battery.  The DR-E10 uses the CA-PS700 AC Adapter Accessory.  These items can be purchased together as the Canon ACK-E10 AC Adapter and DC Coupler Kit from B&H Photo.  


[link removed per forum guidelines]


B&H Photo Video is the number one factory authorized Canon dealer in the US.  I do not recommend buying off brand gear from Amazon, at all.  The DC Coupler and AC Power Adapter are, or were, available directly from Canon USA separately. 


Again, I do not recommend purchasing an AC Adapter from Amazon.  While Amazon itself is indeed a factory authorized Canon Dealer, the items listed for sale are intermingled with authorized and unauthorized dealers, which makes it hard to know who to trust.  


Many sellers on Amazon claim to be factory authorized when in fact they are not.  Canon USA has published list of the actual factory authorized dealers in the US, which is the only source that you should trust.  This advice also applies to camera batteries, and all Canon gear and accessories.

"The right mouse button is your friend."


" I see a bunch of options on amazon etc. but have no idea which ones will hold up."


Nothing from Amazon that doesn't have the Canon brand name on it will help. If there is a AC adapter for the T6, I don't know, that is the answer. Again I would prefer Canon brand.

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