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Astrophotography R5 vs R6 mkII?


I know this question has surely been asked a thousand times but looking through older questions I can't find an answer to my specific use case.

I'm looking to upgrade my old EOS 700D to a modern mirrorless, my primary use is astrophotography, however I do want to use it as a camera I can take with me when hiking for landscape photography too.

I plan to pair the camera with either the 24-105mm f4 or the 24-70mm f2.8 for landscape use as I would like an lens that can fill multiple uses, (the R6 being slightly cheaper might help cover the higher cost of the 24-70mm). I will use it with my Redcat 61 for astrophotography use.



Resolution is on the side of the EOS R5 with 45MP, but it would appear that there are rumours of an imminent replacement model. Details not officially known.

EOS R6 Mark II is a great camera with large pixels since it only has 24MP. This makes the pixels more sensitive to light and less noisy than the EOS R5 especially at higher ISO. You might also want to consider the EOS R8, it's essentially the circuit board and sensor of the EOS R6 Mark II shoehorned in to an EOS RP body. So you get the same EOS R6 Mk II sensor, lose the IBIS, lose the second shutter curtain, lose a bunch of weight and size and save some money to spend on a suitable lens. 


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