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Aperture/Shutter not adjusting with dial


I am assisting my instructor with his beginning digital class.  This morning I let one of the students borrow my camera to go shooting.  Their assignment was to shoot in manual.  This afternoon I went to do some shooting myselt and now neither the aperture or shutter will adjust with the control wheel.  I reset the camera thinking maybe they had just pushed a wrong button, but still no change.  It was working fine over the weekend.  Any ideas or suggestions?



Check that the on / off switch is fully on. Also check the switch for the rear dial & if those don't help we need to know WHAT CAMERA you're asking about.


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Hi, just a thought, I'd pull the battery and let the camera go through a POST (power on self test). Keep us informed.

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Yes, I guess a model would be helpful.  Sorry about that.  It's a T1i

Thank you both.  I turned the camera on and then tried making adjustments thru my battery grip.  It worked, then I tried it on the camera itself and now it works.  There must have been something that wasn't making a connection.  I appreciate both your responses, made me take one extra step and that helped.

Is your grip a 3rd party grip?  I've only used Canon grips but have come across a thread or two where some 3rd party grips can inhibit the on camera controls from working correctly.


The power switch doesn't really shut off the power on the camera... it actually tells the camera to go into a kind of "sleep" state but it's technically still got power (it's sipping the power very slowly, but it is technically stilled powered.)  When you eject a battery, wait several seconds, then re-insert, the camera actually has to reboot it's firmware fresh again.  This sometimes clears issues.


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