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Aperture Dial Not Working (EOS R5)

The back Aperture Dial appears to no longer be changing menu items or changing the aperture like it once was, no matter the mode.

I went to prep my camera for a shoot on Sunday, and the wheel no longer changes the Aperture setting as it once did, it also does not scroll through the menu items.

I have tried Aperture Priority, and the top dial will change the aperture. So I think this may be more hardware related than software. I have tried a reset of the camera and have had no prior customizations set.

Any ideas on how to get that back to working again? If not - I'll be sending this in for a repair/replacement on Monday.


Check the position of the [LOCK] switch.  And, check the menu setting to see which controls that it disables.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Hey there - yea, did all that. I even called Canon support this morning. Appears this is a hardware issue and I have to send it in.

Thankfully, the 2 scheduled shoots I have this week, I can use the ring on my 24-70 to use as an adjustment for the Aperture in the meantime.

Sucks, but that’s the way it is I suppose.

I've had the same issue with my new R5 out of the box. Didn't work while setting the date and time, then to change aperture, then while reviewing a couple of test photos. I sent it back last week, still waiting for tech service to let me know if they can send me a replacement camera. I'm so gutted. I was already selling my other cameras and had to retract one of them not to stay with nothing to shoot with. Have they fixed your camera or did they send you a new one?

I was told to send it in. Unfortunately, I had some scheduled concerts to shoot and needed to use it, as I sold my other bodies to help cover the cost. I’m sending it in this week.

Did they repair or replace ? Any charges ?

Apologies for the extremely late response. I wound up not sending it in when I originally planned to due to some unexpected shoots and a trip to NY. Luckily, the RF lens I was using I could set the forward dial to change the Aperture setting on the move, so that was extremely helpful.

The following is what I found out from Canon when I sent in mine for repair just last week:

The camera body is covered under warranty the first year only.

The cost of replacing the part out of warranty is $429 US.

I have a Platinum CPS membership, so that's 30% off, coming to a total of $300.30 US.

The camera is also covered under the Canon CarePAK. So in the end it didn't cost me anything, and I got it back within 5 days easily - repaired and working again.

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