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Advice on what to invest in… - Lens & Body Upgrade Recommendations


Hi! I’m about to upgrade camera bodies and I’d love some advice from you all. I currently have a Canon Rebel t6 and two lenses: a Canon 50mm 1.8 and a Yongnuo 35mm 2.0. My investment into equipment has been pretty minimal as I’m not charging for sessions yet. My plan has been to upgrade to an R6 and keep my current lenses, but would you recommend just going with an R body and upgrading one of my lenses instead? My total budget is going to be around $1700, so I couldn’t do both right now. The R6 is really tempting to me, mostly because the dual card slots and the advanced AF. I shoot mostly families and individual sessions. I’m just not sure if it’s overkill to go with the R6 when I’m not a professional yet or if I’m keeping crummy lenses. Thanks in advance!



The R6 with the EF-RF mount adapter by Canon would be a good choice.  The R6 Mark II would be an even better choice because of the upgraded Dual Pixel AF II image sensor.  However, neither is within your stated budget.  

The EOS R8 is within your budget.  It uses the same sensor as the R6 Mark II.  But it lacks the dual card slots of the R6 bodies and it also uses a smaller battery.  Canon did not release a battery grip for the camera, either.

Nevertheless, I think the R8 would be a very good choice because it uses the same image sensor and AF system as its big brother, the R6 Mark II.  Buy a couple of spare batteries.

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What do you primarily shoot with your camera? If it's portraits, note that your two lenses on a full-frame body will both lead to wider field of views and facial distortions if doing headshots.   A good focal length range for headshots is anything withing 85mm to 200mm.


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