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80D gives an error reading SD card


Recently my 80D gave me the dreaded "Can't read memory card...." error.  I tried different cards but it would not read any of them.  I can read/write to all of them on my computer, but not my camera.  I have tone card that usually stays in the camera.  I only swap cards in rare instances.  

I just don't get it.  Very seldom do I ever open the sd card door. Usually I download the pictures via the wireless connection. 

I spoke to a service representative about this and they did not offer any type of relief. Now to get my camera back in working condition I have to spend $350 or more. This is not right and I'm somewhat rubbed the wrong way over this. 

I sent the camera in for repair and it should be back near the end of this week. Its still not right, because I take good care of my equipment. If anyone knows what could cause this I would really like to know. My camera has never been dropped, never wet, never in extreme heat or cold. 

You would think a company like Canon would stand behind their products, but I guess not.




Very sorry for the misfortune.  We can't really speculate what did or did not happen.  Its pretty hard to damage an XD card reader, but if inserted the wrong way, or subjected to dirt or something corrosive, anything is possible.  Not sure what happened in your case.  The body comes with a 1 yr warranty.   After that and without CPS or insurance repairs on on the end user. 

Since the camera is already in for repair, any suggestions we might make are not relevant in this case.  Sorry I can't offer more, but its done and will be back in your hands shortly.  The repair will also come with a guarantee.


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I did try to format the card with my computer, but it still would not read it. 


If you ever run into this problem again try formatting SD card on a Windows computer. That will tell you if the SD card is good or not. Despite what some might tell you,I have not seen any issues formatting SD on the computer (Windows not Mac) and using in your camera.

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" I take good care of my equipment."


I am sure you do but you usually don't get the light bulbs in the house wet or dropped and they still burn out. So it is with any electronic device. Your TV, computer, iphone, whatever will fail sometimes and without notice. Usually an electronic device will last for a very long time if it works for the first few days. But anything made by the hand of man will eventually fail.

What may seem like a lot of money to repair will get you a 80D that is completely checked out and adjusted to factory.

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Thanks for the reply.  I get it that all things man-made will "eventually" fail.  But before this camera, I had a Canon T1. Used it for 15+ years.  Made 1,000's of photos with it.  It was not wireless, so many times I have removed the card from the card slot.  It also gave me the "Unable to read" card error and rather than repairing it, I set it aside and purchased the 80D. I paid considerably more for the 80D for what I thought was better quality and more options.  Now 4 years into it, I am spending more money on the same "Card read Error".

More options on the 80D.. no doubt.  Better quality... I'm starting to question that one.


I got a report back from the repair.  Here is what they said.  

Your product has been examined and it was found that the circuit board did not operate properly causing the unit to no longer recognize the memory card. The circuit board was replaced. Product functions were confirmed.

I get that electronic devices fail, but is there anything that the user can do that would cause this? When I get the pictures off my camera I either use the wireless feature or use a USB cable attached to the port on the LH side of the camera. I then use the Canon app to download the files. After they are downloaded, I unplug the camera. That is the only way that I access the SD card.


You are trying to place logic on this when it is a random thing. When it happens to you it is difficult to think luck of the draw but that's all it is.

The T1i used a CF card which is prone to pin damage. Not Canon's fault. It's just how a CF card was designed. Logic says you should have seen issues with it far before you did with a SD card that you rarely accessed.

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