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7D Mark II missing a simple feature from the 70D and Rebels


Please add, by firmware update, the 3x digital zoom (1:1 pixels, really 2.875x) in video feature present in the 70D and many of the Rebel cameras. I can attest to its usefulness from my use of it in my T2i. It's useful for astrophotography, specifically planetary astrophotography where large stacks of video frames are used to create a much better still than can be made any other way. It can also greatly extend the usefulness of a lens like the 18-135STM which would reach 135*1.6*2.875=621mm equivalent without the need to upscale. Finally, it would add the ability to take videos of, say, birds that are of the same resolution (resolving power, not pixel dimensions) as can be obtained from stills.

Ideally, it would be possible to smoothly zoom from full-frame to 1:1 and back using buttons on the back of the camera while shooting is in progress, but even the awkward menu item as it is implemented in the other cameras would be preferable to not having the feature at all.

Further, if it could be implemented while retaining dual pixel focusing (which the 70D does not) that would extend its usefulness even further to moving objects from stationary objects only.

The 7D2 looks to be a spectacular camera with a powerful feature set, which makes it all the more odd that this feature was left out.

Thank you.


Digital zoom is not really zoom, it is in camera crop then enlarge which can be done in post process. It is considered gimmick for consumer market so you will not likely to find it in pro-targeted camera. Same thing with why you do not find those automatic shooting modes on pro camera. Thus, i think you will never see it implemented.
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As I said, I'm talking about video, where it cannot be done in post processing.

"As I said, I'm talking about video, where it cannot be done in post processing."


No matter, hsbn is correct.  It is a gimmick and not likely to be included in a semi-pro body.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

He is NOT correct, and you both don't know what you're talking about.


This is not upscaling, and not at all the same as digital zoom on stills (which is nothing but cropping and upscaling).  This is capturing the center of the sensor at 1:1 - 1 output pixel for each sensor pixel.


This sensor is 5,472 pixels wide, but video only puts out 1,920 pixels wide.  Thus normal video mode resamples (and, possibly line-skips, but it looks more like pixel binning on the 7D Mark II) the entire high-resolution frame down to the low resolution of video output.


The mode I'm asking for captures just the center 1,920 horizontal pixels of the frame and outputs those as the video - no upscaling.  It can be cleaner than full-frame because there's no rescaling going on, and thus little or no aliasing artifacts (moire).


This is a highly useful mode, and it is available on $10,000+ astrophotography cameras.  It is not a gimmick as there is no other way to do what this mode can do - capture video at the full resolution of the sensor.

"... you both don't know what you're talking about."


Well it won't be the first time!  But we'll see if Canon does so.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

Watch this video, shot with a 70D.  He's shooting with a 400mm lens.  At 0:36, he changes from full-frame (regular) to 3x mode.


Now, I agree that the 3x-10x range (which he starts doing around the 1:15 mark) is a gimmick as it's just useless digital zooming and enlarging, but switching from full-frame to 3x is most definitely not a gimmick.  And, if you look back, I'm looking for 1x-3x (really 2.875x) not the useless digital zooming from 3x-10x.



I only can say frome experience, but Canon normally doesn't do these kind of thing. I think you'd have better luck trying Magic Latern. Hopefully, someone over ML needs the same feature as you don and enable it (or may it already does).

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ML has it (and since that application is targeted at pro see where I'm going), but not of course for the 7D Mark II yet.  Since the 70D isn't even supported by ML yet (difficulties with the dual-DIGIC, I surmise), it could be a while, if ever.


It's such a useful feature, and the 7D Mark II has so many dedicated video features (dual CODECs, All-I, dual-pixel, movie servo AF, etc.), I can't see why they left it out, especially since it was already in the 70D.  It could be the same issue - DIGIC 6 versus DIGIC 5.  Maybe they didn't want to tackle some software change that would have been needed.


My Rebel T2i at work has this feature, and I've used it at work for professional engineering purposes on several occasions.


For giggles, I also shot this with it at home:

Even if Canon decides to implement it, it will take years before they roll out the new firmware unless there is overwhelming demand. 🙂 So I would place my bet on ML that they'll support it first before Canon.

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