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70D freezes up - requires removing battery, and restarting.


My 70D began freezing up on me this week while shooting 3 shot brackets in HDR. Total freeze. The only way I could get it to restart was pull the battery, and start over ( settings brackets, etc).  This is the first time I've seen this.

1. I was using a 64GB SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC1. 

2. repetitive brackets for 360 panos.  Yeah, a lot of them.  I'd wait till the light went off, and the buffer caught up before moving on to the next 3-shot bracket.


Is my camera cooked?  Any suggestions?






Do you also shoot much video with the camera?


Using a Canon or third-party battery?

Not much video.  Canon batteries.


Do you format your memory cards prior to first use?  

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In addition to what BunUnit and Wadizzle mentioned...


Certain 70D's might be defective. (PCB Board)


See the article here


Not saying yours is affected, or that you're seeing this issue, but wanted to make you aware. 


This has been a ongoing issue for 70D owners

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@shadowsports. That link didn't work for me. I'll try to find the articile you're referring to. thanks.

I do.