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70D Touch Screen Focusing Won't Function


Hi Guys,


I'm in manual mode (althought in all other modes as well) Live View touch screen focusing doesn't function. What am I doing wrong? Do I have to enable this feature, or have I configured the camera with a setting that inhibits this.


Help would be much appreciated as it's driving me nuts. Incidentally, I'm running a 'nifty-fifty' but also expereince the same problem when using the stock 18-55.





Maybe, I'm misunderstanding something.  Isn't focusing achieved by depressing the shutter when the lens switch is set to "AF", and by turning the focus ring on the lens when the switch is set to "MF".  Touching the screen shouldn't do anything to the actual focusing, I would have thought.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Thanks for your reply Waddizzle.


Perhaps I'm not making myself clear.


The 70D has a feature that allows focusing by using the touch screen in Live View to focus on different objects within the field of view. In other words, if I have a coffee cup in the foreground and, let's say, a picture on the wall, both in the same field of view, I should be able to touch the Live View LCD display on each object and the camera then focuces on that object. No need to half press the shutter button, focus is achieved by touching the LCD screen.


Or it should be; I can not seem to get my camera to do this.


Any further thoughts would be very much appreciated.

Rising Star

Does it focus with shutter half press ? If it doesn't, check the AF/MF switch on the lens.


The feature of focus in liveview can be abled or disabled in the menu. Please check as well.

Hi Ily3988,


Yeah, I can achieve focus with shutter button on all lenses I use (AF and IS enabled on all lenses - except 50 1.8 which has no IS).


Live View shoot enabled but Shutter disabled (I want to compose the shot precisely without the auto focus and immediate shoot).


try enable Continous AF

Far Out! Thanks a bunch, Ily.


I've been pouring through the D70 manual and I can find no reference to ensuring auto focus is enabled. I want manual control of focus for precise control, hence I mostly use single point AF when taking static, framed shots. The reason I use Live View is to override occasional issues with the viewfinder not accurately focusing. I can also use AF magnify to pinpoint the exact point of focus (I spend some time photographing restaurant dishes).


Once again, my grateful thanks, for the resolution,