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6d/Tamron 600mm/Lightroom

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Not sure if this is right place to post this but am at my wits end. Does anybody else have problem of Lightroom not recognizing Tamron 600mm in Metadata and lens correction? It shows Tamron lens as a Canon 90-300mm. I have contacted Tamron they said Lightroom should recognize it, I contacted Adobe and after a 1/2 hour on phone they were clueless. any ideas on how to solve this if it can be would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


What is a Tamron 600mm?  Do you mean the Tamron 150-600mm? version 1 or 2?


Adobe applies the profile for The Tamron 150-600mm A011 (version 1) starting with LR 5.3 (for Canon), 5.5 for Nikon.  If your version of light room is older, it won't support this change.  You would need to either upgrade or use the DNG converter which I understand would have the lens correction incorporated.


In my experience with CS6 (not light room), sometimes the program has trouble auto-recognizing the lens. You might have to manually help select it (if it shows up on the list).  

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Yeah, I don't recognize that lens, either.  You might try going into the camera menus and disabling lens correction, and AFMA adjustments.  


It is my understanding that the camera identifies the lens, and adds that to the EXIF data when correction is enabled.

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What Tamron lens do you have?   What version of LR do you have?  My LR has no trouble with the big Tamron.

Waht in the world did Adobe tell you for 1/2 an hour?





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I figured it out on my own, Initally I imported photo from Photos on my Mac to Lightroom, If I import directly from camera to Lightroom it recognize's Tamron lens. for 1/2 hour talking to Adobe, i could not understand the english being spoken and had to ask repeatly to say again also there would be minutes of silence and when I would say hello Adobe rep said he was reading my case which would last for 5 minutes at a time. I will never call again.

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I think a lot of people have come away with that feeling.   I did.   But Adobe owns the photographic industry.  The problem is, they know it.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!